Songs From the Book of Ken Jones

  1. Transduction/T2
  2. Time Constrictions
  3. Nice Days
  4. Tomorrow
  5. Moon Girl
  6. Tell Me
  7. Fear of Extinction (Last Generation)
  8. Dreamstate
  9. Stream of Tears
  10. “The Trek”

Tobias Black: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Aaron Douville: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals
Matt B. Mahoney: 12-string Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Classical Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Eric Kho: Violin (track 9)

After months of gigging multiple times a week at local (and sometimes not-so-local) dive bars, Wyld Type Hybrid decided to hit the recording studio for a full length project.  Songs From the Book of Ken Jones (SFBKJ) was the resulting debut album.  This album was a collaborative effort for the group.  Matt, Aaron, and Toby contributed to each of the tunes.  Aaron brought in “Tomorrow” and “Moon Girl”.  Matt submitted “Nice Days” and “Fear of Extinction”.  Toby, the relative newcomer, provided lyrics to “Dreamstate”.  Eric Kho, WTH’s first guest musician played violin on “Stream of Tears” to round out the sound.

“Tomorrow”, “Nice Days”, and an alternative version of “Fear of Extinction” were released in early 1999 as a demo cassette tape.  This was used primarily as a promotional tool for those aforementioned late night gigs.  To date, this remains the band’s only single release.

Collectively, this recording captures the raw energy and creative exploration that defined early WTH.  From the complexity of “Time Constrictions” to the hard rock of “Transduction/T2″ to the acoustic “Stream of Tears”, this album offers a wide range of genres.  Each song, as it turns out, was drafted out and/or jotted down in a small composition book, gifted to the band by friend, Ken Jones.  Hence…



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