Spontaneous Combustion

  1. We
  2. You
  3. Take
  4. Given
  5. Effigy
  6. Idolize
  7. Obedient
  8. My Command
  9. Think Ahead
  10. Pyramids III
  11. Fire in the Sky

Charles Mahoney: Cards, Dice, Drums, Nail Gun, Shakers, Vocals
Matt B. Mahoney: Flash Paper, Guitars, Lighter, Matches, Poker Chips, Slot Machines, Stove, Touch Guitar, Vocals

Element: Fire

Color: Red

Season: Summer

Of Note: Spontaneous Combustion (SC), the fifth in the Legends series, was recorded with a combination of 5 guitars (including the touch guitar) and 5 amps.  This was the first album that WTH recorded that did not feature a bass, but rather employed the bass half of the touch guitar for the bottom end.

The SC story line is as follows:
In the post-Logarhythm rebuilding era, a new age is dawning.  This is an age of intellect, an age of development, and an age of human frailty.  The values of yore are withering day by day.  Yet time presses on.  Meanwhile, a secret society is established, which churns out the leaders of the next generation.

From the bowels of this organization evolves a new leader, a dictator of sorts.  He wins over the public with his suave personality and empty promises.  Once in power, he quickly adjusts the circumstances to suit his needs, consolidating civilizations at his whim.  He leads by sheer force, driven by his desire to control all.

The dictator begins to doubt his path, ultimately lending an ear to advisers who warned of global destruction from the onset.  As his tenure progresses, he gradually becomes aware of the voices in his head and the possibility that his heavy hand is, perhaps, not the best approach.  Yet is his realization too late?




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