Placebo, Please? Lyrics

Guardian Angel

Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

Intrigued by the heart of the matter,
I fall into a river so deep.
But a hand would reach out and grab me.
I look forth, and what do I see?

You’re my guardian angel.
Guide me through burning seas.
You’re my guardian angel.
You’re so heavenly.

All these perils that I go through,
I travel regions anew.
It’s not the walking that matters,
For I’ll have you.

In seven months of anger
And seven weeks of feud,
A single thought propels me,
A single thought of you.

Seven years ago, I don’t know
What I’d do.
I was walking and talking,
But I didn’t have you.

Simple Words

Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

Moonlight fell on her lips only yesterday.
It’s not the season to eclipse, my love,
For a thousand days.
Oh, no.

And so I sit alone waiting
For a call or a reply.
Still I stay here longing for you
And I don’t know why.

And so I sing my sweet song for you
Apart from this world.
No more than simple words for you.
I wish I had more.

So each night I lie in dismay,
A soul alone lost on his way.
No eyes can penetrate the darkened room,
My winter solstice in Arctic tombs.


Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

Baby, if the world fell through on you,
Would you still love me ‘till the end?
And baby, I would do anything for you.
You read the letters that I sent.

I said I’d love you till I die.
You said it too, let’s see you try.
I’ll give you all my love today.
You just have to promise that you’ll stay.

So, maybe, I could do anything with you
If you’ll just give me a chance.
And maybe it could be just me and you
And then our lifestyles could advance.

Lies (pt I)

Lyrics: C. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

Staring into, blurred images of the past,
Fortified by shards of saline glass.
Glare back, from a seclusion, incessantly,
Reminding me of what should be.

An arbitrary word, a continuous trend,
Driven off the ledge to reality’s end.

A familiar voice encases my mind, devouring
The remnants of my sole sanctuary.
Seizing what was left of my humanity,
Blending it to pure insanity.

An arbitrary word, a continuous trend,
Driven off the ledge to reality’s end.

Cast back into this maze alone
Acquiring a mask of lifeless stone.
Abandoned in the darkness to aimlessly roam,
Shrinking away, from the dim unknown.

Plagued love, diluted and shattered erratically,
Tormenting me with its longevity.
The question, imprinted on my lust filled mind,
Answered only with eternal time.

An arbitrary word, a continuous trend,
Driven off the ledge, to reality’s end.
An arbitrary word, a continuous trend,
Driven off the road, to reality’s end.

Lies (pt II)

Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

You reach to me with your pale hand,
Intoxication, infiltration of my permeable mind.
My senses surge with stimuli within me.
This entity scrapes away integrity.

I’d walk miles…
Just to kiss your lips.
Never felt so close to death.

Here I stand, cadre of my former soul,
Impurities in my reaction to facades.
Can punctured eardrums hear my cries?
Contusions, infusion of fear and lies.

Every single word you said
Burn the dreams still in my head

Integration, isolation
Condemnation, consecration
Combination, separation
Altercation, consolation

Correlation, arbitration
Conflagration, salutations
Modulation, mastication
Defamation, ultimatum

Lies (pt III)

Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

Into the Maelstrom

Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

Step into my mind.
Analyze the gallery that you find.
Wrapped tight in cellophane,
Protect me from the driving rain.

Rap upon the door,
Cracked from pulsing weather near the shore.
Afloat with my unrest
There is no peace in here, I must confess.

No more room in here.
No time to feed my fear.
I hear the constant drum.
Into the maelstrom.

Crash through paper walls.
Echoes of ghostly calls
Plague my memory,
Blind to all I see.

Drown Me

Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

Tell me how time eludes me ‘til the waking hour.
My eyes washed back in search of circumstantial power.
Hold me in ethereal stasis.
Ignore the consequential cases.

Your lies will hypnotize and douse the embers of my pain.
This time I’ll cross the line to pacify the troubled brain.

Take me down to the waters shore.
Save me one shot before I go.
Back home, a victim to your mind,
Drown me one more time.

Life’s brand, so grand seared upon my skin.
There’s no telling where I’ve been.
This beast inside my head,
She calls, ensuring that I’m dead.

Take me down to the waters shore.
Save me one shot before I go
Back home, a victim to your mind.
Drown me one more time.
Stagger down to the water line,
Beat down, laden by the rising chyme.
Still I’m washed in your caustic rhymes.
Drown me one more time.


Music: M. Mahoney

The Word

Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

Well, I woke up on the wrong side of the tracks
Just the other day.
I heard the sound of a crazed man laughing,
Washing his blues away.

The last thing I recall, a girl was sitting next to me
Singing songs about a tangential plane intersecting reality.
You know it brought to me a dense feeling intensely healing
My inner pain.

Now I see
The winds of change, design of mystery.
Visionary lies
Are the staples of our kind.
Take me away.

Into the night I plunged,
Sailing headlong into space.
I caught a glimpse of my future’s ship
Leading me in the race.

“Land ho to the starboard side,”
The man from the crow’s nest cried.
I hear the sounds of the banshee wailing.
You know the sirens never lied.

So she said one last word to me,
A word I’d never heard before.
I said it overwhelmed my mind.
I feared for what there was in store.

She said one word.


Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: M. Mahoney

As I gaze upon the sunrise for the very last time
One can hear the egret singing with sweetness of wine.
Beyond the waking hour, the time’s passed my eyes,
But before the night falls, I shall whisper goodbye.

If you travel backwards up the river of time
You may see a heart lie listless being swept far behind.
My love now is lost and shall never reply.
I stand at the lip of the pier and ask myself why.

She’d sing to me gaily, in times gone away,
But tonight my eyes fall upon moonlight bay.
I shall yearn for the warmth and caress of she
With reflections of moonshine upon a black sea.

The Pit

Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

Right makes us wonder.
Rain turns to thunder.
Holes fill the air,
Filled with despair.

Cadence of light
Split by the night.
Years slip away,
Slip into gray.

Welcome to my tomb, my catacombic world of isolation, devastation. Rain drums lonely rhythms into my head, souls scream atonal melodies of torment. Church bells toll my name, beckoning with doors ajar and vacant pews. Here I dwell, restless and insecure, a wooden cauldron over an endless flame.

Deep in the darkness
Captain who’s chartless.
Shunned by the sages
A book with no pages.

Right makes me wonder
Left of my blunder.
Quietly sit,
Alone in my pit.

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