Life began for this band in the spring of 1995, when bassist, Matt B. Mahoney, met guitarist, Aaron Douville, then a rival in a dormitory talent show at UC Berkeley. During the next two years, Douville and Mahoney laid down the foundations of their first album, “Songs From the Book of Ken Jones”. After a few music classes at the University, these skeletons of songs were embellished with numerous influences ranging from classical to traditional folk music. Combine this with deep, intriguing lyrics, and… Soon, the duo realized that they needed a driving force behind the strings. This brought about the induction of drummer, Tobias Black. Following a mutual split late in the year 2001, Matt B. Mahoney recruited his brother, Chuck, a gifted, steady drummer. Together, they cut the follow-up album, “Chicanery for a Common Rube”.

Charles W. Mahoney: drums, percussion, vocals

Matt B. Mahoney: bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals

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  1. wth says:

    Wyld Type Hybrid rulezzzz!!!!! My fav band evah!

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