Chicanery for a Common Rube

  1. Savior
  2. Reality
  3. Reality (reprise)
  4. Respite
  5. I Dreamed
  6. Solitude
  7. Tonight
  8. The Summer Sun
  9. Islets of Langerhans
  10. The Dance

Matt B. Mahoney: Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Classical Guitar, Claves, Electric Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Charles Mahoney: Drums and Percussion
Tobias Black: Percussion (track 5), Drums and Congas (track 10)
Aaron Douville: Electric Guitar (track 10)
Craig Nelson: Drum Machine Programing (track 5)

Chicanery for a Common Rube (CFCR) was the first album that Chuck appeared on.  This album was recorded shortly after the breakup of the original WTH lineup.  Aaron, Toby, and Matt had just done some studio work intended for release as an EP.  This never materialized due to the breakup.  However, one of the tracks that was cut during this session, “The Dance”, was included on CFCR.
Matt had been working on a group of songs that had a poppier edge to them than those on Songs From the Book of Ken Jones.  The first six songs on CFCR were written over the course of 2 months.  “Summer Sun” and “Islets of Langerhans” were hold-overs from jam sessions with Aaron and Toby.
Conceptually, this album offers a foray into a variety of vices ranging from materialism (Reality) to political corruption (Tonight).  Collectively, these songs represent a little of what is in each of us in a general sense.  We are all “Common Rubes” at some level.



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