The First Law of Thermodynamics

  1. Phantom LimbsFLOT
  2. Inferno
  3. Follow
  4. Follow Me
  5. The One
  6. Phoenix
  7. Turn Around
  8. Demons
  9. September Eyes
  10. The Peak

Charles Mahoney: Drums, Ebow, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Matt B. Mahoney: Acoustic Guitars, Banjo, Bass Guitars, Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Faris Albayya: Vocals (track 7)
Kristine Munroe: Bells (track 10)

Of Note: The First Law of Thermodynamics (FLoT) was the first album recorded and mixed at Under the Border Studios in Newton, MA.  “Phantom Limbs” was the first song that Chuck performed lead vocals on.  “Phoenix” was the first song that Chuck recorded a guitar solo for.  “The Peak” was the fourth movement of WTH’s first “Symphony”: (The Trek, The Dance, The Pit, The Peak).
FLoT is the follow-up to (and antithesis of) Placebo Please?.  It begins mired in the depths of loss with “Phantom Limbs” and culminates with “The Peak”.  Along the way, the tunes grow progressively more upbeat and less dissonant as they track a budding and blooming relationship.
FLoT is heavy with fire references, effectively contrasting PP.  As water once doused the flame of love, this very flame can be rekindled under the right circumstances.  As Clausius once put it, “In a thermodynamic process, the increment in the internal energy of a system is equal to the difference between the increment of heat accumulated by the system and the increment of work done by it.”  But, why the +?



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