1. Rebirth
  2. Slip Away
  3. Seasons Change
  4. Satisfy My Wanderlust
  5. Magic Hand
  6. Stand on My Own
  7. Out of the Woods

Charles Mahoney: 2×4, Acorns, Bongos, Buffalo Drum, Cane, Clapping, Claves, Congas, Cowbells, Cymbals, Djembe, Drums, Extra Kick Drum, Extra Toms, Factory Metal, Gourd Shaker, Guiro, Leaves, Maracas, Matches, Paper, Rhythm Sticks, Sand Blocks, Seed Pod, Shakers, Stool, Tambourine, Vibra Slap, Vocals, Wood Blocks, Wooden Frog
Matt B. Mahoney: Acoustic Guitars, Badhran, Bamboo Xylophone,
Banjo, Boot, Broom, Clapping, Classical Guitar, Gourd Shaker, Harmonica, Mandolin, Mini Harp, Oriental Instrument, Pan Pipes, Piano, Pipa, Rain Stick, Recorder, Ukulele, Upright Bass, Vocals, Wooden Flute

Element: Wood

Color: Green

Season: Spring

Of Note: Logarhythm (Log), the fourth in the Legends series, was the first all acoustic album that WTH has produced.  Furthermore, the orchestration increases exponential from track to track (from 1-64).  This was the first album that WTH recorded without the use of guest musicians.

The Log story line is as follows:
After the flood in Universal Solvent, the survivors have made their way to different parts of the world, hoping to rebuild the civilization that they once had.  However, very little had been saved as far as written documentation was concerned.  Little technology survived, only the bits and pieces that were portable enough to travel with.  The survivors were forced to rely on their memories as textbooks to teach their descendants, posing great difficulty for retaining knowledge.
Regardless, knowledge was passed down from generation to generation to those capable of absorbing and applying what they learned.  This album tracks the flow of knowledge from teacher to student, from father to son.  Challenges are faced and conquered, one after another.  All the while, these challenges increase in complexity, almost exponentially, as civilization is reconstructed.




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