Deus Ex Machina: Metallum

  1. The First Time
  2. Touchdown
  3. Contact
  4. Utopia
  5. The Mines
  6. Intelligence
  7. Technology
  8. Engineering
  9. Metal Ore

Charles Mahoney: Aluminum Duct, Anvil, Bongos, Bottle Cap Shaker, Change Purse, Circular Saw, Coins, Congas, Copper Pipe, Cow Bells, Cymbals, Digital Camera, Door, Drums, Factory Metal, Gong, Metal Rods, Power Drill, Shaker, Vibraslap, Vocals
Matt B. Mahoney: Acoustic Guitar, Air Compressor, Bass Amp, 7-string Bass Guitar, Ebow, Electric Guitars, Keyboard, Robotics, Sewer Pipe, Vocals, 14-string Warr Guitar
Tapley Jackson: Vocals (track 3)
Sarah Mahoney: Flutes (track 6)

Element: Metal

Color: White

Season: Autumn

Of Note: Deus Ex Machina: Metallum (DEMM) is the second part of the Legends series.  Songs had an edgier sound to them.  Percussion was done with metal instruments ranging from coins to an anvil to factory metal.

The DEMM story line is as follows:
We pick up where we left off in Entities of the Earth.  The former pharaoh, future “god”, is traveling toward his destination of Sirius aboard an alien spacecraft.  One of the senior members of the crew sits down with him and explains who they are, where they are going, and why they are taking him.  He then embarks on a history lesson.
We are suddenly thrust back tens of thousands of years to prehistoric, uncivilized times.  The alien race had all but destroyed its home planet and were in search of another one either to colonize for habitation or to strip it of its resources.  They happen upon planet Earth, which was rich in gold, a coveted commodity.  This seemed like a perfect fit, considering the atmospheric conditions, the abundance of resources, and the presence of a host of undomesticated animals that were fully capable of helping the aliens with their mining operations.  With a little coercion, these humans fell in line and became the aliens’ slave labor.  Pronouncing themselves as gods, the aliens had no problem commanding the mortals.
However, not all aliens exhibited this heartless entrepreneurial attitude.  Many felt empathy for the enslaved humans and saw an intelligence buried deep within and vowed to liberate them.  These renegade aliens secretly provided the tools and know-how for the humans to successfully overthrow the oppressive alien race.  The majority of the aliens leave with a few of the rebels remaining behind to assist the humans in developing a civilization, a process that would be much accelerated with the intervention of “gods”.




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