Deus Ex Machina: Metallum Lyrics

The First Time

Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music:  M. Mahoney

We’ll take you to The First Time,
A taste of history.
We’ll show you what you’re made of
And how you came to be.

Take my hand, look through my eyes
And wonders you shall see.
Explore the truth, unfold the lies
And comprehend the knowledge that you seek.

We’ll take you to The First Time
And chronicle the past.
Remember how we met you,
A union that would last.

Take my hand, look through my eyes
And wonders you shall see.
Explore the truth, unfold the lies
And comprehend the knowledge that you seek.

Let my words ring clear,
Resonate inside your ears.
Take down in memory
And utilize when there is need.


Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

We travel at the speed of light
En route to planet three,
A place to start anew,
A place to rebuild our society.

The atmosphere is clean and light,
The star in close proximity.
Its beams do radiate and warm.
Yes, this is what we like to see.

Our probes return their tale told
Explaining of the quality
Of minerals and plants and ore,
The carbon based life forms.

Prepare for touchdown.


Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

We have arrived
Resting ‘neath the winter sky.
What shall be done?
Captain, would you please advise?

Explore the land and find out what you can.

We’ve encountered trees,
Mammals, stone, and insect life.
But most intriguing
Is the metal ore inside.

Then find a way to cultivate the land.
Obtain the ore in any way you can.


They’re primitive and unevolved,
Easy to make minions of.
And under our commanding reign
They’ll mine the gold and silver veins.
To bolster our nobility
We’ll use their productivity.
We’ll give ‘em all a number
And take away their dreams.


Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

Good evening, please gather ‘round.
I’ve come to demonstrate
An upgrade to your dirty town.
It seems so second rate.

The influx of some culture would be good for you.
Attention, please!

Your dwellings made of wood and stone
Can be rebuilt as such.
The comfort that these homes may yield
Will not cost you that much.

Pay by credit, we’ll claim it at a later date.
Enjoy Utopia, until the hour turns late.
Pay by credit, we’ll claim it at a later time.
Enjoy Utopia.

Imagine life in harmony
With all that you can see.
We bring this as an offering.
To gain your trust, it’s key.

Work together, make your culture strong.
Now focus, please!

All we ask for in return
Is some cooperation.
Just work with us, fulfill our needs,
Support our nation.

The Mines

Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

In the mines…
I can’t believe that we’ve been duped

In the mines…
We break our backs and still we get
No bread.

We gave them all our time.
We’ve lost our homes, our pride
Believing that we’d lead a better life.

We’ve been enslaved for work
With falsely promised perks.
There is no justice for the little guy.

We seek gold to appease
Contracting lung disease.
I’d be surprised if I reach 45.

And yet we must return.

Can’t wash our dirty hands.
Our gruel tastes just like sand.
With mind control, there’s nothing they can’t do.

Still got my family
Working right next to me.
They say it’s really not so bad for you.

My friend from township died.
We dragged his corpse outside.
I reckon none will make it out alive.

And yet we must return…


Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

Look at these humans.
They congregate and socialize.
I fear we may have sold them short.
They could be further utilized.
I think it’s possible to teach the beasts.

They gather ‘round us,
Look with inquisitive eyes.
They study all our moves
More than we realize.
The humanoids are quite attentive, too.

I’ll pass our information to you.
In time you’ll run the Earth yourselves.
Learn from mistakes you’ve made, embrace the words I say.
Process all that you can learn.

I must now leave you.
I’m being called aboard the ship.
They can’t deceive you,
Not after all that I’ve let slip.


Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

Know you have the capability
To take the reins
And control your children’s destiny.
Let me follow through
With my plan to teach and educate.
And take from me
What you will and contemplate

What it means to be free.

Technology is the underlying key
To make oppressing ones resign.
Technology is not far from reality,
So take your seat right by my side.

Lesson one:
You’ll learn of trigonometry.
To build from there
You’ll need some physics and geometry.
Quantum energy
Can be harnessed for destructive needs.
Lever arms
And projectiles could suit your needs.

Build up your arsenal.

Take it in.
Absorb the wonders of astronomy.
Use the stars
To guide your weapons toward the enemy.
Let them taste the blade
That you forged from ingenuity.
Leave the mines
You must disrupt their productivity.

Take away all their gold.


Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

The being taught us well
So we can make our stand.
Printed on our heads,
A map to guide our hands.

To build our strategy
We must not turn and run.
To beat the enemy
Unite our minds as one.

Focus and engineering
We’ll take them one by one.
Make plots and execute
We’ll send them on the run.

Let’s make our move at night
So they cannot detect us.
And flank them on two sides
Upon them, we’ll connect.

The time is now at hand
For us to demonstrate.
We’ll take our homeland back.
We must exterminate them.

Metal Ore

Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

We came in peace and offered much,
Technology and other such
Knowledge of your history,
A glimpse of what your lives could be.
All we asked for in return, a gift to make our planet turn,
A symbol of gratuity, a product of the Earth.

We don’t want your guidance.
We won’t take no more.
We don’t need to serve you.
No more mining metal ore.

Please don’t be so hasty now
And turn a hefty bargain down.
We’ll up the ante with a smile
To make the deal more worthwhile.

Forge the ore into swords.
Let them taste our pride.
We shall overthrow them.
Hear our battle cries.


We’ve clearly shown our dominance
And now you meet the consequence.

We’ll leave you people now.
You’ll burn your planet down, or something of the sort.
When you reach your darkest days, we’ll meet you with a steely gaze
And once again inherit all your gold.

Ignore their threats, deceit, and lies.
They only serve to make you cry.
Now send them off, they must comply.
They’ve sworn return, reject the ruse.
The enemy tries to confuse.

Now you’ve come to see
The images of history.
Take heed and don’t repeat
Mistakes that led to our defeat.

Our allies have remained, you see
To help us build society.

Lyrics: M. Mahoney
Music: C. Mahoney, M. Mahoney

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