Null Set

  1. Why Are We Here?
  2. Beginning
  3. Where Can We Go?
  4. Middle
  5. What Must We Do?
  6. End

Charles Mahoney: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Matt B. Mahoney: Basses, Didgeridoo, Guitars, Vocals
Jake Baldwin: Trumpet (track 3)
Matt Finstein: Trombone (track 3)
Andrew Frankhouse: Alto Saxophone (track 3)
Kevin Greenstein: vocals (track 1)
Justin Slawson: Vocals (track 1)

Element: none

Color: none

Season: none

Of note: Null Set (NS) is the sixth and final part of the Legends series.

The NS story line is as follows:
The reign of terror described in Spontaneous Combustion ended with a sudden bang, an apocalypse, if you will.  As NS opens, our protagonist comes to find himself in a foreign place.  He struggles to find sense of his new surroundings.  It quickly becomes evident that he no longer walks the streets of the living, but rather wanders aimlessly in the mires of purgatory.

Our hero quickly begins to form a band of followers and embarks on a journey to escape his current situation.  As the journey progresses, thus do the barriers and obstacles in his way.  The main struggle is one of memories, which seem to have departed.  As we grow closer to the end of the trek, memories begin to reconvene until a host of familiar faces flood his mind.  Thus, he is reborn, complete with knowledge from past lives, hoping not to make the same mistakes as before.




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