Entities of the Earth

  1. Pyramids
  2. The Sphinx
  3. Resonance
  4. King’s Chamber Music
  5. Immortality
  6. The Mummy
  7. Riddles
  8. Afterlife
  9. Shallow Earth

Charles Mahoney: Bricks, Drums, Ebow, Guitar, Sand Block, Shakers, Vocals
Matt B. Mahoney: Acoustic Guitars, 5-string Bass Guitar, Didgeridoo, Electric Guitars, Electric Sitar, Keyboards, Singing Bowl, Vocals
Eric Kho: Violin (tracks 1 & 4)
Jeeves Leblanc: Lead Guitar (track 1)
Bucky O’Hare: Slide Guitar (track 5)

Element: Earth

Color: Yellow

Season: Late Summer

Of Note: Entities of the Earth (EE) is the first album in the 6-part Legends series.  The use of resonance instruments (sympathetic strings on the electric sitar, singing bowl, Ebow, etc.) was done in an effort to create an ethereal, trance-like aura.  Percussion on this album was selected based on earth material (sand blocks, shakers, bricks), as the element for this album is Earth.

The EE story line is as follows:
A young boy travels to Giza to see the great pyramids.  It is here that he feels the draw to become a pharaoh.  A few years later, remembering a myth from his childhood, he searches for and ultimately discovers the lost Sphinx.  This discovery brings him fame and credibility in the eyes of royalty.  He is taken in and groomed for leadership.  He quickly ascends to the throne.   As he feels the time slipping away from him, he becomes obsessed with immortality and the afterlife.  He passes peacefully, knowing that the gods will return to assist with his ascension to the spiritual plane.  When judgment day arrives, the pharaoh is greeted by his gods and put through a series of tests to confirm his place in the beyond.  Then something unexpected happens.  He is taken aboard a spaceship which sets its course for the dog star, Sirius, leaving the the mortal entities of the earth behind to writhe and wallow in the mud.




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